ice cream cup filler

Increased Operational Efficiency with Automation Technology

An original equipment manufacturer(OEM) machine builder and MartinCSI create more flexibility with less components for the ice cream industry

An OEM machine builder had mechanical machines that were used to load, fill, and seal ice cream cups for a client. The mechanical cams that ran the machine, consisted of too many components, making it hard to service. The cams also limited the ability to change the line with ease. The machine did not run with a PLC or HMI, so it lacked in automation technology. The OEM knew that for their clients to keep up with their competitors, the machine would have to be fully automated, making it faster, more efficient, and producing more ice cream cups per minute.

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animal feed case study

Sensors Help Provide a Higher Quality Product

An Ohio-based animal feed company noticed some of their feed bags were not completely filled to capacity before being put on a pallet for the delivery trucks. After careful examination of their production line, they noticed some feed would spill out of the bag when it was laid down horizontally after the sewing portion of the production process. At times, the sewing machine wasn’t completely sealing the bag shut, and there was no way of determining this had happened, until it was too late.

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simulation training

Simulation Training for the U.S. Army

A more efficient training method for our soldiers on water purification systems.

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2016 06 ultrasonic sensing

Using Ultrasonic Sensing and Inductive Couplers

A paper processing manufacturer wanted to find a way to automate the measurement of their paper rolls. Their machine operator would manually measure each roll before it was put onto the machine, which led to delays in production and inaccuracy. A slip ring*, which turned and moved the rolls of paper, was at maximum capacity, leaving no way to automate the process using conventional solutions. Developing a new machine, which would be expensive and time consuming, was not an option.

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upgrade scada

Upgrading SCADA Software

The Challenge Akzo Nobel wanted to improve their operational efficiency. To accomplish that, they needed to upgrade the Klieverik Automatic Dosing Unit (ADU). Before the upgrade, the Klieverik was limited on the amount of storage and could only hold about half of the ingredients needed for the formulas that are made on it. This resulted in most batches being made on and off of the machine, leading to inefficiency and waste. Akzo Nobel’s Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) department revised over 1,000 formulas to reduce the overall ingredients in the formulas so they could all be placed on the ADU once it was updated.

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ice cream

Packaging Supplier Solves Ice Cream Headaches

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of ice cream novelty packaging and filling machinery, Norse Dairy Systems, was watching its profit melt away through mechanical downtime and wasted materials on its production lines. It turned to Martin Control Systems for a solution that boosted production by more than 27%.

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upgrading plcs

Upgrading PLCs

In mass production manufacturing you either stay current with technology or fall behind the times. By keeping equipment/technology current, manufacturing production increases (making more parts in the same amount of time) and downtime decreases (machines run more during a predetermined time), and this adds value to the manufacturer’s bottom line.

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