Every employer has the legal and moral obligation to maintain a safe workplace for their workers. Risk and Hazard Assessments are in-depth examinations that checks for safety hazards and conditions that could present a significant danger to a person’s health and/or safety. Mitigation techniques can then be applied to minimize threats, make risks more tolerable and help maintain regulatory compliance.

MartinCSI can assist with your operations safety by:
  • Capture and identify operator, maintenance and machine functions that propose threats to personal safety.
  • Determine who might be harmed (by the given risk).
  • Helping you decide on measures to be taken to control the risk.
  • Helping you prioritize the measures to be taken based on levels of risk.
  • Implementing and document the measures taken.
Our Engineers can provide the following Safety Assessment Services:
  • Hazard and risk assessments
  • Control reliable safety circuits
  • Muting interlocks
  • Machine and work cell retrofits
  • Lock-out/tag-out systems